VIKING NORTH Surf Team - Whitlock Surf Club Monthly Subscription

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Surf Club Fees are $50 per month. 

Viking North Surf Club meets every WEDNESDAY @ 10:30 am at Oceanside Harbor South Jetty *Whitlock Surf Experience Camp

We opened an option for additional kids who want to surf with their Valley/Carlsbad friends this fall.

The kids are invited to surf every Wednesday at 10:30 am at the Oceanside Harbor South Jetty with Whitlock Surf Experience. This should give you ample time to get to Oceanside after the Wednesday morning online advisory check-in with the kids’ 6th period teacher.

Please bring your own surfboard, wetsuit, sunscreen, and water to each surf session.



Cory Whitlock and his instructors will take great care of your kids and teach ocean awareness, water safety, beach stewardship, and get everyone improving their surfing levels!

Once/if the school closures are lifted and kids return to school onsite, we will need to re-evaluate the schedules and teams, but we thought this would be a great way for the kids to spend time together to start off the year.

If your kids have friends in Carlsbad who missed out on and want to surf, have them text Kirk Van Wagoner at 760-696-0709 with email and kid's name.

** Please note**: Both the Viking Surf Team and Viking North: Whitlock Surf Club are not affiliated with Carlsbad USD or Valley Middle School. We welcome all kids who live in the Carlsbad area to surf with us.

There may be the possibility of trying out for the competitive roster of the Viking Surf Team for kids who are stoked on surfing and show Cory that they are ready to shred the waves to pieces.

Kids are allowed to arrive late and leave early with their parent(s). Please regain protective possession of your child by noon at the latest each camp day.

 *** Siblings are welcome to attend this camp. $50 each